Love from Clients

Narea Kim ~ Client’s experiences about their Session’s

Below are some beautiful reviews from wonderful long time clients & friends (2019)

Kim is a passionate and devoted spiritual counselor, committed to making the world a more conscious place one human being at a time.  Through her 1:1 work with clients also devoted to the evolution and ascension of their own lives choices and actions, she is able to foster a lead by example framework in conjunction with her clients.  Kim is most suited to work with those individuals who are committed to this value system in their lives.  It goes without saying she has a gift.  If you are committed to a life of leadership, compassion and living in the truth Kim is absolutely the right spiritual coaching partner for you.  I cannot recommend her more highly.  ~ Kim S.

Kim is a phenomenally gifted psychic medium. I have a great deal of experience with her over the years. I have personally witnessed her channeling messages from departed loved ones, with such profound detail that the communication from the other side is unmistakable.
I think the best way to really understand her gifts is for me to share an example of her psychic ability and her mediumship.
Years back we had a son who had leukemia. Bless his heart the journey was rough. It did not look like he was going to make it. Kimberly knee for certain that as bad as it seemed he was going to pull out of it, and he did. He was in remission for several years when it came back. This time, she was very frank with me that he was not going to outrun it this time. This information, as hard as it was to hear, allowed me to makes sure that everyone in our family had a chance to reconnect with some special moments that were shared and treasured. I was so grateful for her guidance every step of the way. Her gifts bring about such miracles. 
Here is another story. We had a friend who lived out of state who had a daughter die in a tragic automobile accident and the family was desperate with grief compounded by confusion about how it happened. I suggested my friend speak to Kimberly. They asked her do something she had never done before. They wanted to be together and have a remote family reading. Kimberly agreed.
As soon as she started the messages came flooding in from the departed daughter. She called each of them by their respective nicknames. She gave them details on how the accident happened. She referenced at photo taken of the whole family that was sitting on the floor and asked if they would hang it by the fireplace. She wanted to know what happened to her favorite boots. She had special messages to her sister about some relationship choices and her desire to study in Paris....something her family didn’t know. There was so much more. Details to many to go in to. I spoke to the mother after the reading. She said her sister came to her after the reading and said it is the first time since her sister died that she feels like she can breathe. 
Kimberly is a master medium. Her otherworldly gifts of psychic ability and mediumship were passed down through her family line many generations.
Kimberly is a kind, caring, gifted and very special person indeed. I could not possibly think higher of her.
I feel both honored and blessed to know her and highly recommend her to anyone who would like more clarity and understanding of what is going on around them in this world and the other side. ~Donna A.

 I had a very informative session with Kim. She is kind an easy to talk too with zero judgement. She is also brilliant and truly gifted. Talking about your life and asking for advice is very easy with her. She gave me practical and applicable advice. I look forward to learning as much from as I can from her. Also, if you have the opportunity to attend a class at Unplug Meditation, I highly recommend the experience. It’s fascinating listening to her astrological insights and real life applications. I’m so grateful I met her. ~Faith

 I’ve been seeing Kim for over ten years. She’s featured in my book- The Butterfly Groove - for her work helping me find things of my mother who passed when I was young. She’s seen it all with me and I’ve learned so much from her that’s helped me be a happier person. Love Kim!
~Jessica C.

 I have been using Kim’s talent for quite some years now and she is incredibly on point.
My most amazed moment was when I had a session with her during the summer and asked about my green card that I was so desperatly waiting for. Having this all process done via my mariage which I wanted to end because of some other things going on, I just couldn’t leave without having receive my green card. She asnwered me “Oh don’t you worry! by December you will receive it”. I was releived from the all anxiety just by hearing her words. Then December 1st came: nothing. December 15th came: nothing. December 25th came: still nothing. I started doubting and being anxious again. Working in the restaurant industry meant that december 31st was one of the best night financialy. So I did go to work that night but feeling sad that nothing at come in. The 31st was a Saturday. I came home early morning on Sunday January 1st, went to bed and woke up in the afternoon...I put on my slippers and by desperation went to check the mailbox just in case something came the day before...and there it was. The Green card arrived on December 31st. I remembered sobbing and thanking Kim in my thoughts.
Still...to this days...I am so grateful for Kim’s work, her sweetness and her dare to say way. ~ Charlotte D.

I first met with Kim upon the recommendation of a friend. I had a question that I needed advice on and without me even having to ask she provided me the answer. A few years after that initial meeting, I was going through a deep trauma and I remembered Kim. I ended up reaching out to her for a phone session, and since then I have consistently spoken to Kim for almost 3 years now. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the guidance she has given me. Her visions are accurate and her intuition is incredible. But just as important, her advice is sound and thoughtful. She has helped me to grow and evolve by examining myself. I’ve recommended her to friends and family, and then they have gone on to recommend her to their loved ones. She does not tell you what you want to hear; she tells you all of what she sees and it’s often what you NEED to hear. ~ Ashley M.

 One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself was to see Kim, changes were coming and I needed guidance, after knowing her for many years I finally decided to do a reading with her, and it was everything I needed without knowing, I left peaceful, determined and ready to tackle any obstacle with a open mind and clear heart. I can’t thank her enough. ~ Judy Becerra

I was introduced to Kim through very serendipitous means, at a time in my 20s where I was extremely lost. I vividly recall the first words out of her mouth touched upon the most impactful moment of my life, a time when I was 6 years old and I left my home country of Venezuela to move to the US. While I knew how impactful that moment was to me, her words reinforced my belief and allowed me to accept and grow from it. Since then, Ive known she is special and she’s shown that to me through each of her readings thereafter. Her uncanny ability to provide insight, wisdom, and guidance from a pragmatic, no BS, but caring perspective is what keeps bringing me back to her. The more in tune I become with my soul, the more her visions about me specifically and the universe at large feel so on point. ~Vero Marquez

Share Your Experience: To say I’m beyond grateful is an understatement, words can not express how thankful I am for the time spent with Kim! She helped me see my life on the outside looking in. She nailed my past and present! She took the time to focus on my present and gave me the best advice to get to the future I want! What sets her apart from every one else is how much she cares! She went beyond just telling me my past present and future by helping me understand that what happened in my past is a reflection to my present and guided me through seeing the patten. She opened my eyes to see deeper. Kim not only gave me the opportunity to hear from my loved ones but to guide me on my path! She gave me tools and solutions to get to where I want to be! I can not thank you enough Kim for the clarity and wisdom shared! Today, I feel Empowered to move forward with new confidence and closer! I feel like a bird set free! I learned and I healed through my time with Kim! I can not express how much graditude and love I have for this beautiful woman! Absolutely with out a doubt book an appointment, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Kim! ~ Daniella Sanfilippo

Thank you so much for today.  Your energy and calmness really centered me and I can already feel the difference in my mood. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for the relationship I’ve created with you and you’re truly my muse in being a better woman. Continue inspiring and guiding us all through living your truth and purpose. It’s an honour to call you friend.-- K.