Why Spiritual Home Design?

We have moved into a place in consciousness where home is essential in reflecting who you are inside and out. This will ground us in more of who we are, and it will feel better and better, living comfortably In your skin. Sometime we can’t pinpoint what’s bothering us, but you can feel it, sense it.. This will clear a lot of anxiety for people. I know for me it really does, and I have of course seen this with some of my clients. I don’t claim to have the Cure All for your life, but I don’t know I have made great strides with my clients - and so this work - is very fulfilling on both sides.

Benefits ~

The Now Essential Sense of Living In Your Well-Being and Living Well~

Spiritual Home Designs brings a sense of:

Clarity, feeling safe, have a great reflection to build on, opening more possibilities in your life. Opening to opportunity. Opening to Love, creativity, intuitive living.sovereignty, peace, tranquility, a different you, a better you, essential living, productive living, a feeling of well-being, a sense of happiness and joy, innovative new ways to experiment and expand your life. You get to work with me, I take my time, I have a very creative innovative process that I’ve been working with for years, and it’s fun. it becomes creatively collaborative, while I feel through the entire process. to channel directions.

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To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” ~ Henry Miller

“Energy is Everything…”

An Easy Way to Shift Your Life~

A New Concept~for Essential Living



Bring in Textures for depth and richness of living~


The Elements`

The Elements allow us to feel ~ all our senses as we are part of Mother Earth`~ The Collective is beginning to “feel” again, and be open to their senses~. 

Led by Soho House Psychic, Kim Kamilla Unplug Meditation Workshop
Narea( Kim) is a former designer for Ralph Lauren and one of the nation's most highly respected mediums. Her signature workshop, "Psychic Design," is a spiritual aspect of interior design that incorporates the use of your personal Astrological chart, along with metaphysical techniques, to create a sanctuary out of your home or office.  If your environment no longer inspires or excites you, this is the best first step you can take in a new direction!


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