In 2019, Home will be the focus. Building a new life is key. The North and South Nodes on the Cancer/Capricorn access accents strong themes of inner security, emotional, and outer security and stability. As an energist, my home has always been extremely important to me, as much as enchantment has been since I was a child. . My education in design and fine arts inspired me to work with bringing in the elements, to stay attuned to earth. Home is where we allow our senses to be immersed in the feeling of living life to our fullest potential.

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“Energy is Everything…”

Energy is everything, and our Sanctuary, and where we dwell is essential to living an Intuitive, well balanced life. Our space is important to feel safe, beautiful, productive, and completely aligned with who we are are.  I created the Art of Psychic Design as a tool to delve into who you are, for you in your personal space to flourish & expand and thrive . This Art provides a platform for you to expand and build on what you want to accomplish and dream of sharing with the world using your talent, gifts and abilities. I assist in uncovering your superpowers and yes - we all have them.


“I love this process it’s fun, creative, and extremely transformational…”

I view your astrological chart, which is your own personal unique blueprint. I will work with you on colours, crystals, textures, elements, art, interiors for your environment. We choose art pieces in perfect symmetry and energy attuned to your style. This will open you up to more of who you are, and what you want to achieve whether it is love, money, creativity or simply the art of living.  I love this process it’s fun, creative, powerful & transformational.  Your session can be done through Skype or in person focusing in on you ~ what you desire, wish and want to create in your life by implementing the elements, your style, & personal power, to become the star child you were born to be. 2019 is the new Renaissance change your space -change your life. Shifting the energy grids in your space is can help you master ways to attune and align yourself energetically. This is a year of creating and building our dreams.


A New Concept

I love the idea of using your Astrological Charts as a tool for living, not only for empowerment, but for the “Art of Living Itself”. I began this creative endeavor several years ago, and never looked back. This concept of fusing the “stars” & design” together could not Inspire me more, I have a design background, and fused it with my psychic abilities. This became an incredible combination to expand my growth and do even more of what I love doing and share it with you. It gives me great joy to work with my passion. To Book a Consultation with me email



Using texture & colour according to your chart placements brings an added feeling of richness into your enhanced space. Spirit moves within us, and around us bringing a feeling of spiritual peace, tranquility & serenity to your living space. Our home/sanctuary is so essential to our well being. Why not learn and uncover who you are, what you love, and allow yourself to immerse fully into your divinity. Would it not be exciting to enhance beauty, playfulness, productivity, and comfort into your own home for you to grow into more of who you really are, and for others to enjoy?


The Elements

The Elements bring Earth into our home for natural living. Using earth, wind, fire and water is a Beautiful way to expand and liven your space according to your planetary placements that will match, compliment, and reflect you on an energetic level. Colours, flavors, scents and sounds all make for an exquisite living experience to wake up in your sensual, cozy, unique abode.


For design Consultation, email Kim