April is here The months will go move quickly now, and everyone will be within a new sense of themselves. The World will look different. Things that you though you wanted, will have faded with the past dreamy confusing pisces mercury retrograde. We had to learn a new language toward ourselves as pisces is the feeler, not really the verbal communicator. Communication is with feeling now, less words.

We are all embracing and embarking on new places, new people, new purposes, new desires, new ideas. This is a very innovative time first within, then without. New projects, concepts, ways of being, ways of doing things are different now. The World is in a fast awaken, and is now learnin how to do this new world. Adjustments will needed on a consistent bases so even if you have a plan, be open to the changes within the plan be flexible and ready for solutions through action.

This is a physical time, we are way more in our bodies than we have been for awhile, so it may feel more intense, and physical ailments will be showing up to be worked up and out of the body along with the emotions that held them in place to be released. This is why breathing so good. Acupunture will go to another level as will most alternative healing modalities. Being in and with nature will ground your connection to mother earth so you can feel safe in the connection. Where we will feel safe, now that have found our sovereignty: is with other people that have found their sovereignty. Relationships are the new grid. Everyone you do business with will be a relationship that you want in your life. Every person in your life will be there for a reason, and each one will be cherished, loved and supported. The new grid holds everyone up. Balance in relationships, give and take equally for the well-being of both people. There is innovation, love and support for everyone so that we can be here for the planet and pay attention to what needs to be paid attention to and make changes as we build our lives in the new world we have always dreamed of, prayed for, longed for for entire lifetimes.

Abrupt change, loss, people moving on will occur as we all find our places. Don’t worry if you arer meant to see that person again, or they are meant to be in your life then nothing will stop the synchronicity of it happening. People are moving into tribes for stronger support, and it will be tribes that visit each other. There is more unity and solidarity in this way of living. Isolation is useless as not one us can do anything without each other. A hard lesson for many of us independents too afraid to look weak, or vulnerable. What we traded was a lack of intimacy on any level. New forms of intimacy we’ve not seen will come to the forefront and it will be refreshing in all relationships.

There will team-ups, partnering, and many new relationships for the first time in thirty-five years. We may not have know it but we have been so determined to reach love, that we had to work out all our wounds on mankind for a long time. There’s been so much purging and clearing, that it was too confusing to even know what was what, the fog has cleared and the mess is clearing, but there will be more messiness. The difference is you are clear to see it, there is nothing in the way now. It’s a new game here on earth. Now you know that working from the inside out, and beginning with yourself - is everything. We have all the answers within us, but it doesn’t come at any easy price.. it’s digging for gold - your gold, your gems your worth, your value and that is the big lesson here - that we value ourselves and the people in our lives - this is the true wealth & power.

Healers and Healing, being awake, psychic, being aligned, is all part of the charted course now. All of us have profound gifts, and abilities and the fusion of genius that is about to take place is brilliant. People are amazing, look around notice peoples gifts that are putting out into the world now. This is what we came for but the road of awakening was, and is for those waking now pain like you’ve never felt, excruciating on so many levels, but once you’ve burned through the fire, grown and emerged the phoenix - you now know your innate power and your grace of what it is to have the gift of being human while our spirits play.